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To KFC, great tasting products and guaranteed freshness is everything. We're open and honest about the quality of the products. Find out about our food and our Taste Guarantee to you. Finger Lickin’ Good moments are those times when friends and family are brought together by the delicious taste of KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken. The times when you hit the drive-through after a night out with friends. That time when you ate straight out of the Bucket on your family picnic, or that date when you got two straws for one Krusher. Those are the moments worth recording.

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KFC Streetwise Bucket For 1 Special

This specials is outdated!

For just under thirty bucks, your lunchtime can be #Goalz! Rock with 1 piece of Original Recipe® Chicken, 2 Zinger wings & small chips and #BucketLikeABoss.