John Dory's Specials and Promotions


John Dory’s specialises in great quality sustainable seafood, sushi and grills, in a fun and family-friendly environment. Over the years, John Dory’s has incorporated many unique menu items at very affordable prices, such as the Prawn Avalanche Sushi, Portuguese Steak, Cajun Chicken Stack and the Indonesian-style Grilled Fillet of Fish. In conjunction with this, the brand continuously runs in-house and national promotions.

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Find Take Aways || Limited offer Monthly John Dory's Specials

Limited offer Monthly John Dory's Specials

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Don't miss out on these great deals only from John Dory's. Promotions include: Prawn & Chicken Curry, Graca Wine Special, Prwan & Calamari, Clamari & Rib Combo