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Enjoy the great Spur taste at home! There's nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal at your favourite Spur. Thankfully, our delicious range of Spur Sauces and Seasoning is available for those nights when you're eating in. Great deals and promotions from Spur - see the menu here!

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Spur 50th Birthday Special Menu

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Celebrating 50 years of that great Spur taste.

In celebration of our 50th birthday on 24 October, we’ve launched our nostalgic wooden menus in all Spur restaurants. Original favourites such as the Whizz Burger and Knickerbocker Sundae have been brought back (for a limited time) and longstanding classics such as the Cheddamelt Burger and Classic Waffle also feature.

Terms and Conditions apply. VAT incl. Per person. Available in all Spur Steak Ranches until 19 November.